Photo by Ugo LE DAUPHIN in Paimpol. Image may contain: shoes and outdoor
Photo by Shawn Lafavor on March 29, 2020.
Photo by Michael Curtis on March 29, 2020. Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
Portland Snow - Feb 2018 Portland got a late winter snow. I took the drone up for a few shots. 20 0 126 secs
Vaughn_CARETX This video is about Vaughn_CARETX 46 0 139 secs
How to Tile Large Documents for Printing in Adobe Illustrator In this Quick Tip screencast, you'll learn how to take an over-sized document in Illustrator, and tile it so you can print it across multiple pages on a regular desktop printer.
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Create a Carnival Text Effect Using Adobe Illustrator's Appearance Panel The Appearance panel is one of the most powerful – and most fun – features in Illustrator. Learn how to create this lighted sign style that you can save and use with any live type.
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Puppy brothers meeting Goose and Samson are brothers from the same litter who haven't seen each other since they were adopted as puppies 4 months ago. The immediately recognized each other and had fun playing in the park for an hour. 688 0 71 secs
Puppies from the same litter meeting for the first time Samson meets his brother Goose and sister Stella after being seperated for 4 months from when they were puppies. 155 1 108 secs
Me Right Now | Apr 27, 1 31 28 PM Me Right Now at the top of Silver Star mountain in Washington, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the background. Also, I appear to be snacking on something. 174 0 19 secs

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