This artist has a genius way to deal with a long commute
What an awesome weekend @wordcampus! We had such a blast taking hilarious photobooth pictures, chatting with all of the awesome attendees, and listening to @photomatt’s State of the Word yesterday on the future of WordPress.
And the weekend is not ...
The Internet Archive released a ton of retro games for free
An app to make sure your partner doesn't forget the school play
Water becomes magical with this gravity-defying device
It's been said before and it'll be said again: we don't deserve dogs.
Believe it or not, this isn't ice cream
Today we launch Jean Ireton’s new web site, a Wix to WordPress conversion mixed with her Breakthrough to Creativity project we launched earlier this year. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdeveloper #webdevelopment #wordpress #wordpressdesign #wordpressdesigner #wordpressdeveloper #bespokedesign #html #css #php #jquery #javascript #logodesign ...
Dirty keyboard? Don't sweat it! We've got 5 ways to clean your keyboard with household items
This is not your average electric skateboard
Finally, a robot to do our least favorite chore
Verwenden Ihren Amazon Echo mehrere Menschen? Dann aufgepasst: Alexa ist nun in der Lage, verschiedene Stimmen auseinanderzuhalten.
Die smarten Lautsprecher von Amazon stehen mittlerweile in vielen Haushalten. Alexa ist auf dem Vormarsch, doch je nach Ausführung kostet ein einzelnes Gerät ...
Restyling e mantenimento sito per conto di @mastgloves_official 👉 👈 ⌨️🖱️ SVILUPPO WEB e SOFTWARE
❖ sviluppo e mantenimento siti internet, migrazione e mantenimento siti già esistenti
❖ sviluppo web app
❖ sviluppo e-commerce, portali
❖ assistenza web marketing
2019. It’s coming up fast. Are you ready? Is your website ready? The fresh new year calls for a fresh look, finally launching your new business idea, or turning over the endless DIY to-do list to a professional. Give me ...
Are you losing clients because you don’t have a website?
The short answer is yes.
If you don’t have a website you are losing business. Think about when you first come across somebody you think you might like to work ...
Almost ready to launch another site, this one for @wearecmykcreative #webdesign #designandprint #cmykcreative #falkirk #microsite #crunchycarrots #wordpressdesign #excitingtimes
I enjoy this time very much. but not because of the many gifts, but because of the peace. It's nice to have my family around me again, to see the candles on the Christmas tree, to have a good time. ... - one of our latest projects.
Waleta is a company who produce Swallow birds nest, own bird nest in Kalimantan, Indoneisa and process them it’s own sophisticated factory in Salatiga, Indonesia.
They want the site as their online company ...
Looking forward to our next few weeks in India 🇮🇳 📸 cred @jwigglet
"An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." Here's everything you need to know about @pantone's 2019 #coloroftheyear
Timeline Photos Do you take fantasy football super-seriously? Design your own logo and rule the league:
Rule your fantasy football league with a simple design from @placeitapp. Get some inspiration here:
Timeline Photos "Just like coral nurtures marine life, we want to nurture the color and keep it alive."
What do you think of Pantone's 2019 color of the year?
It's here! @Pantone has announced Living Coral is the 2019 #coloroftheyear because we all need a little more “optimism and joyful pursuits” in our lives.
Timeline Photos Looking for a skill to complement your video capabilities? Learn advanced audio techniques in this free course:
For those of you who have an undying love of cookies (that's pretty much all of us, right?!) we've baked up this tutorial just for you. #nationalcookieday
Timeline Photos For those of you who have an undying love of cookies (that's pretty much all of us, right?!) we've baked up this tutorial just for you. #nationalcookieday
From Nordic knits to atmospheric snowfall, discover the top 10 Christmas photo effects in Adobe @Photoshop:
Timeline Photos ‘Tis (almost) the season. Time to give your photos some festive cheer with our pick of the top 10 Christmas effects in Adobe Photoshop:
Timeline Photos Monday motivation from a fellow graphic designer... What are you looking to achieve this week?
Timeline Photos Always overthinking everything 💪
Tough day? Here's a relaxing video we whipped up to calm your nerves straight into the weekend.
Here's how you can create your very own cool (and relaxing!) cinemagraph photo effect action:
Got a promotion or event coming up? Check out 20+ top flyer templates (no Photoshop required):
From cobalt blue to neon on neon, will these be the big graphic design trends of 2019?
Souqs in Marrakech
NOVÝ ČLÁNEK NA BLOGU: Po stopách #hautecouture aneb #pulnocvparizi
Láska, luxus a dobré víno... link v BIO 👆👆👆❤️❤️❤️
#novyclanek #novyclaneknablogu #pariz #hautecouture #pariz #paris #blogerka #blogger #pragueblogger #blondabroad #blondynanacestach
"Fisherman's trail" in Wilderness. A trail I did with travelers of Israel, Germany and the Netherlands. I just met them in the bazbus the day before and we decided to hang out together. That's what was so great travelling in ...
Good morning from Prague! 🇨🇿🇺🇸
Hned první den po příjezdu mě město přivítalo sněhem(nepamatuji si, kdy byl v Praze naposledy viděn!) a ukrutnou zimou, která mi dala pravý halk do nosu jako Rocky Balboa! Nice to be back!
Články v ...
Midnight in Paris ... 🇨🇿CZ & Eng 🇺🇸
Poslední den “máslových hodů”, nakupovaní, objevování světa haute couture módy a parfémů... Butiky, které vypadají spíš jako muzea, vůně, sladší než kostelní víno .. a jidlo.. well, o tom vám poví má ...
We had our moments... something was in the air.
Jedno vím jistě, až se vrátím, začíná velký detox od másla a mouky! Nothing will ever taste the same 😎🤦‍♀️Do plného počtu chyběl #eclair ale to se dožene příště! .
PARIS - Odeur de Sainteté 🇨🇿CZ & ENG 🇺🇸⬇️
Vůně všech svatých... překrásný butik - nalezený náhodou, skoro jako Svatý grál v zahradách Palais Royal za rohem od hotelu..100% přírodní ingredience-proto výběr není tak velký, ale nabízí vše, co ze ...
Last day in Paris... From warm autumn the city switched to cold but magical winter / Christmas time... Still going to Lili’s for breakfast and enjoying watching the people passing by... For sure I’ll miss it! .
Exploring Austin with Greyhound In just three hours, I traveled from Dallas to Austin onboard a Greyhound bus!
Once in Austin, I explored all the tourist sights like South Congress, the State Capitol, Rainey Street, and more. I even hosted a float tubing meet ...
Exploring Dallas with Greyhound I decided to stop in Dallas, Texas before heading on to Austin. I met up with one of my favorite people, my friend Blaine, and spent a jam-packed day exploring the highlights of Dallas, before jumping on a Greyhound bus ...
5 Tips for Your First Trip to China China is a fascinating country with centuries of rich history and culture. But, it can be quite the culture shock on your first trip!
Check out these posts for more information on a which VPN I used and for more ...
Exploring Tokyo Tokyo is one of my favorite cities on Earth-- and it's easy to see why! My friend Tiana and I spent a whirlwind week in the city, exploring everywhere from Harajuku to Golden Gai to Shibuya! I filmed daily vlogs ...
Exploring Havana With only 48 hours in Havana, my best friend and I hit the ground running (or should I say got the wheels spinning?)
We took a spin in a perfectly pink classic car, sipped mojitos and daiquiris (before 11am), and ...
Buy WordPress Social Board plugin with 40% off until 15th March within Monstrous campaign.
Axent Media » How to Create a Social Stream On Your WordPress Website How to Create a Social Stream On Your WordPress Website
In this article I’m going to introduce you a WordPress plugin that allow you to combine all of your social networking activities into one single social stream and display on ...
Axent Media » Let this Guru dispose of all your WordPress Migration problems
Let this Guru dispose of all your WordPress Migration problems November 18, 2017WordPressNo Comments Imagine this scenario. You are settling in a new country. It is a good opportunity for you. You are, obviously very excited to start your ...
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