How to Make a Timeline on Google Slides With Templates What You'll Be CreatingLearn how to select and modify a professional template to create your own Google Slides timeline. We provide step-by-step details in the written instructions. Or, you can jump right into the quick-start video with more condensed instructions:How Read More
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How to Create a Rolling Stone-Inspired Magazine Cover What You'll Be CreatingThe first issue of iconic music magazine Rolling Stone was put on sale on 7 November 1967. Featuring John Lennon on the cover, the San Francisco-founded publication went on to become the go-to magazine for music fans worldwide.
In Read More
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Creating SVG icons for FileMaker Have you ever needed to create a FileMaker SVG icon from scratch because you can’t find the specific one you need? This post will tell you what you need to know to get you out of your pickle. <<Insert pickle Read More
Instagram App approval instruction We have an approved Instagram App created for our demo website that I have listed it’s App review video screen-casts and descriptions here and you can create your own videos the same as these videos and send to Instagram Read More
Facebook App approval instruction We have an approved Facebook App created for our demo website that I have listed it’s App review video screen-casts and descriptions here and you can create your own videos the same as these videos and send to Facebook Read More
How to manage PHP Social Stream assets In this article, I am going to show you how to manage PHP Social Stream asset files on your website.
1. First of all, disable automatically adding of asset (.css, .js) files in your social stream. e.g:
include( './social-stream/social-stream.php' Read More
Facebook and Instagram platforms recent changes’ impacts on our products Hi there,
Yesterday, Facebook announced changes to the Instagram and Facebook platforms “to continuously improve Instagram users’ privacy and security.” These changes, that got effective immediately, impacted all third-party applications, including Social Board and all of our other social media Read More
Let this Guru dispose of all your WordPress Migration problems Imagine this scenario. You are settling in a new country. It is a good opportunity for you. You are, obviously very excited to start your new life. A magic fairy or saint comes along and promises to help you move Read More
Create a customizable product on your website using WooCommerce Do you have an online store selling tangible or non-tangible products? Have you ever been decided to allow your online customers to create their loving product like gift boxes, products packs, perfumes, t-shirts, gift cards, hats, mugs, promotional gifts and Read More
Integrating PHP Social Stream into Laravel 5 1. Copy the “social-stream” folder into your Laravel project public folder (~/public) where your images, css, fonts or any public contents are stored.
2. Create a view file named “socialstream.php” in the views directory (~/resources/views) and put your social_stream() integration Read More
Converting from the Classic Theme Part 2: The Glory Previously, I wrote about how to convert your solution away from the Classic theme. In this part, I discuss five FileMaker 14-exclusive changes you might want to make while updating your solution. These interface features will add professionalism, usability, and—dare Read More
5 Hidden FileMaker Design Tools I’m Thankful For Over time, one collects bits and pieces of knowledge about different corners of development. Features that are a little more difficult to discover, or shortcuts that can help out in a pinch. Some of these nuggets can make developing faster, Read More
Converting from the Classic Theme Part 1: The Guts Many of us who have been working in FileMaker for some time have solutions built on the Classic Theme. “Classic” sounds good, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to build something “Classic?” Well, fellow FileMaker developers, in this case we do Read More
How to Create a Social Stream On Your WordPress Website In the world of communications, lots of people are members of various social networking websites. Every company has an official social media page on Facebook or Google+ and lots of companies notify their customers of their latest news or updates Read More
Visual Design Basics for FileMaker: Colour The fourth in a series on the basics of visual design for FileMaker. Colour is one of the most important elements of a design. Since vision is our most dominant sense, colour has an enormous impact on the feeling of Read More

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