Seeing eye to eye⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Rudi van Aarde on #500px⁠@vanaarderudi⁠
Seeing eye to eye⁠

Photo by Rudi van Aarde on #500px⁠
Looks a lot like a summer salad⁠---⁠⁠Photo by 5PH on #500px⁠⁠⁠
Looks a lot like a summer salad⁠

Photo by 5PH on #500px⁠⁠
Mamma Mia! 🇬🇷 Here I go again!••••••••••••••••••••....
Mamma Mia! 🇬🇷 Here I go again!
Took a giant leap and booked a trip to Greece and Mallorca this summer!
Greece is one of my favorite destinations on earth! I’ve been there three times and each time has Read More
Fresh snowfall⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Eiichi Yoshioka on #500px⁠@tsukinoto⁠
Fresh snowfall⁠

Photo by Eiichi Yoshioka on #500px⁠
Natural mirror⁠---⁠⁠Photo by 李永男Carl落基山旅游摄影 on 500px⁠
Natural mirror⁠

Photo by 李永男Carl落基山旅游摄影 on 500px⁠
Backgammon but make it architectural⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Manthan Gupta on #500px⁠@framed_by_mg⁠
Backgammon but make it architectural⁠

Photo by Manthan Gupta on #500px⁠
Razor Hands If You're Amaized⁠⁠500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition⁠Minimalism Cat....
Razor Hands If You're Amaized⁠

500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition⁠
Minimalism Category Winner⁠

Photo by Priscilla Ong on #500px⁠⁠

@neildankoff ⁠
GPS said make a U-turn⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Josko Simic on #500px⁠
GPS said make a U-turn⁠

Photo by Josko Simic on #500px⁠
Touch the moon⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Michiel Pieters on #500px⁠@michielpieters⁠
Touch the moon⁠

Photo by Michiel Pieters on #500px⁠
Window shopping⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Stefano Pistis on #500px⁠@stefanopistisphoto
Window shopping⁠

Photo by Stefano Pistis on #500px⁠
Peacocking⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Jovana Rikalo on #500px⁠@jovanarikalo/⁠⁠#500pxambassador

Photo by Jovana Rikalo on #500px⁠

🐱⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Vladislav Levchenko on #500px⁠@uncle_vlad_⁠

Photo by Vladislav Levchenko on #500px⁠
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo 🤔…••••••••••••••••••••••....
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo 🤔…
… where in the EU shall I go?
With borders re-opening and talks of the EU lifting restrictions for American travelers, I can’t help but start researching flights!
Italy, France, Ireland, Greece? This girl Read More
Have the cake and eat it too⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Irina Meliukh on #500px⁠@saharisha
Have the cake and eat it too⁠

Photo by Irina Meliukh on #500px⁠
Prima ⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Steven on #500px⁠
Prima ⁠

Photo by Steven on #500px⁠
The Flow⁠⁠500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition⁠Urban/City Runner Up⁠------------....
The Flow⁠

500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition⁠
Urban/City Runner Up⁠

Photo by Ricardo Polesso on #500px⁠

@neildankoff ⁠
At the alter⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on #500px⁠@patrickrobertdoyle
At the alter⁠

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on #500px⁠
Working on a
Working on a "smarter" summer glow! 💡
As much as I love sun-kissed skin, I'm entering my 30s, and skincare + prevention has been the #1 focus of my beauty routine. Going into summer, SPF is a no-brainer, but Read More
Happy 2nd birthday to our furbaby, Bailey 🐶🎂•••••••••••••••....
Happy 2nd birthday to our furbaby, Bailey 🐶🎂
It’s amazing how something so small can take up such a huge space in your heart.
He’s just the cutest, sweetest, most adventurous little ball of fluff ever!
I can’t imagine Read More
#Ad Waves on Waves 💁🏼‍♀️🌊••••••••••••••••••....
#Ad Waves on Waves 💁🏼‍♀️🌊
@waterlesshaircare Heat Shield is the perfect hair "protect and re-style" spray to add to your beauty arsenal! Just spray your hair before using any heat tool, and it seals and protects your strands from Read More
It’s World Ocean’s Day 💙•••••••••••••••••••••....
It’s World Ocean’s Day 💙
Today is a great reminder to protect the ocean each and every day. The ocean has the richest planetary diversity, regulates the climate, feeds billions of people and provides a livelihood for millions.
We Read More
Disneyland Photo Dump 🏰✨••••••••••••••••••••••....
Disneyland Photo Dump 🏰✨
I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday at Disneyland, so when they re-opened at limited capacity to California residents, I jumped at the chance to go.
We had a great time and it was a very Read More
Home sweet home 🏡•••••••••••••••••••••••••....
Home sweet home 🏡
After so many years of living out of a suitcase, I never knew how much I’d enjoy the process of creating a home.
Since we arrived in California with nothing more than a few pieces Read More
Hot Dog Summer! 🌭🐶 #PayPalPartner•••••••••••••••••••....
Hot Dog Summer! 🌭🐶 #PayPalPartner
Anyone else feel like we skipped summer last year?
To make up for it, I'm updating my summer wardrobe (and pool essentials!) and planning to have an amazing summer season this year! It felt Read More
My weekend guide to Ojai is now on the blog! 🌳•••••••••••••••....
My weekend guide to Ojai is now on the blog! 🌳
The quirky and quaint little town of Ojai is located north of Malibu and is known for its gorgeous Spanish architecture, winding hiking paths, and locally sourced cuisine.
Read More

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