Paint me like one of your French girls, in color⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Elena Gromova-Kal`minskaya ....
Paint me like one of your French girls, in color⁠

Photo by Elena Gromova-Kal`minskaya on #500px⁠

Dream⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Taya Iv on #500px⁠@tayaiv⁠⁠#500pxambassador

Photo by Taya Iv on #500px⁠

Lake minded⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Fabrice Bisignano on #500px⁠@fabricebisignano
Lake minded⁠

Photo by Fabrice Bisignano on #500px⁠
Seeing eye to eye⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Rudi van Aarde on #500px⁠@vanaarderudi⁠
Seeing eye to eye⁠

Photo by Rudi van Aarde on #500px⁠
Looks a lot like a summer salad⁠---⁠⁠Photo by 5PH on #500px⁠⁠⁠
Looks a lot like a summer salad⁠

Photo by 5PH on #500px⁠⁠
Mamma Mia! 🇬🇷 Here I go again!••••••••••••••••••••....
Mamma Mia! 🇬🇷 Here I go again!
Took a giant leap and booked a trip to Greece and Mallorca this summer!
Greece is one of my favorite destinations on earth! I’ve been there three times and each time has Read More
Fresh snowfall⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Eiichi Yoshioka on #500px⁠@tsukinoto⁠
Fresh snowfall⁠

Photo by Eiichi Yoshioka on #500px⁠
Natural mirror⁠---⁠⁠Photo by 李永男Carl落基山旅游摄影 on 500px⁠
Natural mirror⁠

Photo by 李永男Carl落基山旅游摄影 on 500px⁠
Backgammon but make it architectural⁠---⁠⁠Photo by Manthan Gupta on #500px⁠@framed_by_mg⁠
Backgammon but make it architectural⁠

Photo by Manthan Gupta on #500px⁠
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo 🤔…••••••••••••••••••••••....
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo 🤔…
… where in the EU shall I go?
With borders re-opening and talks of the EU lifting restrictions for American travelers, I can’t help but start researching flights!
Italy, France, Ireland, Greece? This girl Read More
Working on a
Working on a "smarter" summer glow! 💡
As much as I love sun-kissed skin, I'm entering my 30s, and skincare + prevention has been the #1 focus of my beauty routine. Going into summer, SPF is a no-brainer, but Read More

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