Rock steady⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by André Farinha on #500px⁠⁠@andre_farinha_photography
Spot the pigeon⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Ksenia Lindt on #500px⁠⁠@xenialindt⁠
Winter wanderer ❄️⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Charly Savely on #500px⁠⁠@charlysavely⁠⁠
Inverted ⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Philipp Götze on #500px⁠⁠@philipp_goetze⁠⁠
The valley of dreams⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by -行云流水 on #500px⁠⁠
Playing with perception⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Yanice ZHOU on #500px⁠⁠@zzyanice⁠⁠
Caught by inescapable shadow⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by 荣荣 on #500px⁠⁠
Golden ⛰️⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Tobias Hägg⁠⁠@airpixels
Stylishly late ⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Lukáš Kuda on #500px⁠⁠@lukas.kuda⁠⁠
Don't flake on me⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Kristina on #500px⁠⁠@kristina.foodphoto
Panopticon views⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Marc Hennige on #500px⁠⁠@marc.hennige
Lady in red⁠⁠------------⁠⁠Photo by Dorota Górecka on #500px⁠⁠⁠
Australia is BURNING. We cannot look away while so many homes, lives and futures are reduced to ....
bondi was filled with amazing barramundi, a pitcher of sangria, and bomb ice cream ✨
This year has been a blur. One of our biggest hopes for 2019 was to spend as much time at home a....
she’s a beauty!!!🇦🇺💙
can’t believe my trip to Greece was a year ago!! i’m desperately waiting to go back :( p.s.-....
And just for a moment it feels like magic... ✨ Taking my dream @spell gown for a spin, and swi....
Pinching myself, our limited edition collection is now live on @spell through the link in my bio....
Sometimes I think back to the days where I used to find myself in places I could never have imag....
At home, together, if only for a moment. This is happiness. ❤️🐞🍂🌻

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